Innocent 4: Alicia

Innocent 4: Alicia

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  • Autor: L a Zoe
  • Editor: Createspace
  • Relaese Date: 21 December 2014
  • ISBN: 1502774917
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  • Number of page: 262 pages
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Description Innocent 4: Alicia de L a Zoe:

Alicia Wu hates her hymen. She's not in a rush to break it, but she wishes everybody would quit making such a fuss about it. Her parents. Her pre-fiance's parents. Him, though he claims it's not a dealbreaker. That small piece of thin skin is not important to her. It's not like she even believes in love. She is ready for marriage, though her accountant nerd pre-fiance underwhelms her. His father is a wealthy businessman. Having worked hard in her parents' chop suey joint since a child, Alicia is ready to join the country club set and spend the rest of her life playing tennis and golf, in between having the grandchildren her future in-laws want. After the families finish exchanging letters, they must hire an astrologer to choose an auspicious day for the official engagement celebration. And, after that, a lucky weekend day on which they can hire a suitable hall. Then, at a college party, Alicia meets Bran. He delivers the pizza. She delivers the fried rice and egg rolls. Blonde. White. Blue-eyed. A fan of Goth rock. Like Alicia, Bran doesn't believe in love, he just wants to have a good time. And, a victim of the Great Recession, he's given up his college ambition, and just wants to remain a pizza delivery dude for the rest of his life. Alicia's parents automatically hate him. So why does Alicia feel compelled to offer her unbroken hymen to Bran? 64,000 words 3 Flames Therefore, download Innocent 4: Alicia of the League of Worldly Wise Innocents now. Book 4 of The League of Worldly Wise Innocents series. L.A. Zoe grew up in a small, Illinois river town and now lives in a tropical paradise full of palm trees with the loves of Zoe's life, and extended family. Fond of adventure, travel, and white sand beaches, L.A. prefers the "Bollywood" movies of India to modern Hollywood flicks, because they emphasize love stories, complete with singing and dancing. Favorite actor: Shah Rukh Khan. L.A. celebrates the freedom of the United States, and enjoys residing in a country demographically much younger. L.A. eats lunch every day in a mall crowded with adults working hard to raise their babies, bunches of school children sharing snack time, and college sweethearts holding hands. Busy establishing and enjoying their lives, building a future for the world. Nobody worries about the future of Social Security or looks forward to retirement. No one country, race, culture, religion, or ethnic group holds a monopoly on brains, beauty, hard work, or creativity. Success in the future demands all of the above, especially vision and a willingness to break with the past. To take chances and defy the reluctant majority. Young adults -- whom publishers now call "new adults" -- keep the world fresh, exciting, and progressing toward humanity's destiny.

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Ruthie Re: Innocent 4: Alicia

which is probably one of the best books I've ever read.

Schwinn Re: Innocent 4: Alicia

Thank you download link as 4!

Yong Re: Innocent 4: Alicia

Thank you download link as 4!

Denny Re: Innocent 4: Alicia

This book immediately became one of my favorites.

Ishnmand Re: Innocent 4: Alicia

Once I started reading, I finished in five days; which is less time than I took in a book!