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  • Autor: Admir Serrano
  • Editor: Time Hopping Communication LLC
  • Relaese Date: 10 January 2014
  • ISBN: 0991335708
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 92 pages
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Description Out and about de Admir Serrano:

We are immortal beings. We never stop living. When we are awake, we live the physical life we came to Earth to experience. When we are sleeping, the body rests and we, as Spirit, rise up and go on to live, for a little while, the Spiritual life, which is our true life. Our earthly existence is composed of two modes of living. When we are awake, functioning in the physical body, we obey the physical laws of gravity. We are not able to move around as freely as we would like. The weight of our physical body and the slow vibrations of the material world restrict our movements and impair our latent spiritual capabilities. When we sleep we free ourselves from the ties that bind us to the physical body and to physical reality. Gravity loses its grip and we take flight, and for a while we regain our natural freedom. We take a break from physical life and return to the nonphysical or Spiritual realms for a few hours. Our nightly dreams are signs of the continuity of our life and our immortality. Even if our body is knocked out cold in bed, we are alive and quite busy. We, as Spirit, are independent of our physical body. Awake, we use the body to function in physical reality, which requires a coarser instrument to interact with other physical things. As Spirit, we are free. One day, sooner for some and later for others, the physical body will die and we will be free much longer than just a few hours every night. We will continue living- we will continue being our own selves, our own individuality albeit as Spirit, in a subtler nonphysical reality, which is nothing more than a finer dimension within our own physical world. Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are glimpses of our future nonphysical life. As we sleep and dream every night we are preparing ourselves for the ultimate OBE that will befall each one of us when our body dies. Learning to become aware when we are out of the body, which happens to all of us every night, will afford us greater control and enjoyment both in our nightly excursions as we sleep and after the final OBE when our earthly journey is over. Now let's see how we can do it. Admir Serrano, an unabashed believer in the immortality of the human spirit, is a long time researcher, writer and lecturer on paranormal phenomena such as out-of-body experiences (OBEs), near-death experiences (NDEs), deathbed visions (DBVs), after-death communication (ADC), reincarnation, mediumship and the afterlife. His interest in these topics began when he started having spontaneous OBEs and wanted to understand the phenomenon. He has worked as a hospice volunteer providing spiritual support to terminally ill patients, at which time he could witness first hand the deathbed vision phenomenon. Academically, he has studied Business Administration, Liberal Studies, Psychology and Theology. He is the author of three books on related topics in his native Portuguese language. In his native Brazil he has been a guest in several TV and radio shows. The End of Death is his first book book in English. He lives in Miami, Florida and is a frequent lecturer in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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