Turkey: A Past and a Future

Turkey: A Past and a Future

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  • Autor: A J Toynbee
  • Editor: Createspace
  • Relaese Date: 21 February 2015
  • ISBN: 1508569231
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  • Number of page: 36 pages
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Description Turkey: A Past and a Future de A J Toynbee:

This is a concise but comprehensive look at Turkish history. From the intro: "What is Turkey? It is a name which explains nothing, for no formula can embrace the variety of the countries marked "Ottoman" on the map: the High Yemen, with its monsoons and tropical cultivation- the tilted rim of the Hedjaz, one desert in a desert zone that stretches from the Sahara to Mongolia- the Mesopotamian rivers, breaking the desert with a strip of green- the pine-covered mountain terraces of Kurdistan, which gird in Mesopotamia as the hills of the North-West Frontier of India gird the Plains- the Armenian highlands, bleak as the Pamirs, which feed Mesopotamia with their snows and send it the soil they cannot keep themselves- the Anatolian peninsula-an offshoot of Central Europe with its rocks and fine timber and mountain streams, but nursing a steppe in its heart more intractable than the Puszta of Hungary- the coast-lands-Trebizond and Ismid and Smyrna clinging to the Anatolian mainland and Syria interposing itself between the desert and the sea, but all, with their vines and olives and sharp contours, keeping true to the Mediterranean- and then the waterway of narrows and land-locked sea and narrows again which links the Mediterranean with the Black Sea and the Russian hinterland, and which has not its like in the world. The cities of Turkey are as various as the climes, with the added impress of many generations of men: Adrianople, set at a junction of rivers within the circle of the Thracian downs, a fortress since its foundation, well chosen for the tombs of the Ottoman conquerors- Constantinople, capital of empires where races meet but never mix, mistress of trade routes vital to the existence of vast regions beyond her horizon-Central Europe trafficking south-eastward overland and Russia south-westward by sea- Smyrna, the port by which men go up and down between Anatolia and the Aegean, the foothold on the Asiatic mainland which the Greeks have never lost- Konia, between the mountain girdle and the central steppe, where native Anatolia has always stood at bay, guarding her race and religion against the influences of the coasts- Aleppo, where, if Turkey were a unity, the centre of Turkey would be found, the city where, if anywhere, the races of the Near East have mingled-building their courses into her fortress walls from the polygonal work of the Hittite founders to the battlements that kept out the Crusaders-and now the half-way point of a railway surveyed along an immemorially ancient route, but unfinished like the history of Aleppo herself- Van by its upland lake, overhanging the Mesopotamian lowlands and with the writing of their culture graven on its cliffs, yet living a life apart like some Swiss canton and half belonging to the infinite north- Bagdad, the incarnation for the last millennium of an eternal city that shifts its site as its rivers shift their beds-from Seleucia to Bagdad, from Babylon to Seleucia, from Kish to Babylon-but which always springs up again, like Delhi, within a few parasangs of its last ruins, in an area that is an irresistible focus of population- Basra amid its palm-groves, so far down stream that it belongs to the Indian Ocean-the port from which Sinbad set sail for fairyland, and from which less mythical Arab seamen spread their religion and civilisation far over African coasts and Malayan Indies- these, and besides them almost all the holy cities of mankind: Kerbela, between the Euphrates and the desert, where, under Sunni rule, the Shias of Persia and India have still visited the tombs of their saints and buried their dead- Jerusalem, where Jew and Christian, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant, Armenian and Abyssinian..." Information regarding the author should not be located as well as has become taken away on the obtain with the author. Maybe you might be interested in alternative ebooks from the A J Toynbee. There we were capable of get hold of a lot of the almost all iformatsii for you. Regarding authors: our website will not include open gain access to your books on the web pages just opening more knowledge about it. If you find that our site will be infringing, you should write to us over it needless to say actually the article author of the publications, we will promptly get rid of web pages from internet site.

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Thank you! I love this book begins to read .. now ...

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